• I have been providing consultation services for individuals, groups, and organizations since the early 1980s.  My particular interest is in assisting service providers in developing skills in collaborative, competency based, outcome oriented, time and resource efficient service delivery.  As a result of this focus, when providing organizational consultations, I focus on developing administrative structures (policies and procedures), practices, and relationships organized around these goals.   When successful, this not only improves service related outcomes, but also helps improve staff morale, job satisfaction, work force cohesiveness and collaboration, and creative participation.
  • Some of the various settings where I have facilitated with this approach include public education, higher education, inpatient and outpatient mental health, criminal justice, juvenile justice, drug and alcohol treatment, residential treatment, adoption services, public utilities, rehabilitation, inpatient medical services, child welfare, aging and long term care, religious organizations, business, industry, and retail.
  • Each consultation is unique.  I don’t offer “canned” packages, but instead work with participants, whether that is an entire agency, small group, or individual practitioner to evaluate their needs and design what would be most useful in meeting those needs.  I meet with people at my office, on-site, or via live video conference.  I am also open to reviewing audio or videotapes of sessions in order to provide constructive feedback around the skills you are interested in developing.
  • Comment by the director of a child welfare agency: "I want to thank you for your expertise and non-judgmental guidance.  Your willingness to listen to us and help us process our struggles regardless of how bizarre they are is a gift that we all embrace.     You also really help us remember to find the light heartedness in the challenging work we do in foster care: this helps keep our team balanced, and for that I am very grateful!"
  •  If you would like an outline for what information to bring to make a case consultation as productive as possible, here is a list of Consultation Guidelines that I often offer to help those who consult with me to prepare for  consultation.
  • If you would like to discuss consultation for yourself, a group, or an organization, you can  contact me at 785-331-2811 or

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