A Sample of Client's Comments About Our Working Together

  • I'm not stuck any more: I know what I need to do.  Even though it is sad and scary, I feel strong and confident instead of confused and overwhelmed.
  • The war inside has quieted down so  I don't feel crazy now.   I'm not frightened of feeling what I feel, so I can be in my body instead of feeling numb and lifeless.  I feel more steady and I'm more satisfied with my life than I've ever been.
  • The grappling hook of pain from those past relationships seems released now.   My relationship with my husband has never been this good;  I feel safer letting him know what I need, to letting him be close to me, and to being loved  in a way that I've never been before.
  • My wife and I value your impact on our lives more than we can express: we have talked about this many times. You are the person that we will remember in our old age and say, “without him, who knows what might have happened?”.
  • The resentment and sense of isolation are gone, and I haven't been drunk in a long timeAnd after that last session, those old horrible nightmares with the emotions that would hang on after I woke up have stopped
  • You’ve been able to help us to truly talk about who we are and how we’re feeling again, which has given us hope for our marriage.  Thanks for your guidance, support and mastery in such a volatile situation.
  • Things are better than I'd ever thought they could be, including all those disturbing memories and images in my head from the abuse I grew up with.   I can accept what happened now, and don't feel responsible to fix my family any more.   I'm even believing that I am a good person and that I don't have to be perfect to be loved.  
  • Instead of panicking about things I don't know are coming, I'm more relaxed about the future.   I'm not dreading what might happen so I can take things a step at a time instead of feeling like I have to do everything all at once.
  •  You have been so important in turning my husband's life around.  He wouldn’t be where he is today in his career or our relationship if he hadn’t had your help in learning to channel his passion and overcome his temptation to fly into rages.  Thank you for both of us!
  • You make my life a  better one to exist in and I am so grateful for that.  It is beyond words to tell you how helpful working with you has been.

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