Organizational Training

Equipping Administrative and Support Staff with Essential Skills for Managing Others

Training Philosophy

My organizational trainings are custom designed to provide the specific, practical, cutting-edge skills necessary to transform challenges into opportunities.  My commitment is to provide high-quality, tailor-made training at reasonable cost.

Trainings I offer to organizations include:

Becoming an Effective Supervisor

Facilitating a Developmental Parallel Process


Evidence-Based Supervision

      Organizing Supervision Around Current Research Evidence


Solution-Focused Supervision and Consultation

      Supporting Integration of a Competency-Based Paradigm


Working Under Managed Care:

  Time-sensitive, Outcome-oriented, Empirically Based Treatment


Organizations in Transition

      Managing Stress, Leveraging Opportunities


Facilitating Quality in Organizations

      Values-Based Participation toward Excellence


Administrative Leadership

  Integrating Clinical and Administrative Objectives


Fostering Organizational Creativity

      Turning Challenge into Opportunity


Solution-Oriented Team Building

      Collaborating to Create a Preferred Future


Using Narrative Reflecting Teams

Collaborative Consultation and Skill Development


Developing Solution-Focused Teams

      Supporting a Culture Organized Around “Doing What Works"

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