Possible Questions for Clinical Supervision


·     what would be included in a thorough clinical social work assessment?

·     how to evaluate an individual’s psychological, biological, social, emotional or spiritual functioning, and then plan a range of relevant helping responses?

·      how to apply social work theory in a given situation with an individual, family, couple, group or community?

·    how to operationalize social work values in a given situation?

·    how to operationalize different clinical approaches in a given situation?

·     how to “engage” an individual you are having difficulty “connecting with”?

·     how to purposefully “use self” with a particular individual, family, group, or situation?

·     how to understand and respond to your own “issues” (emotions, biases, assumptions, etc.) that come up during (and/or influence) your practice?

·      how to address ethical dilemmas that become apparent in practice?

·     what personal issues that affect one’s professional functioning does one bring to supervision, and when does one seek their own personal therapy?

·      how to deal with agency “dynamics”, structure, procedures or policies that impact clients or your practice with clients?

·     how to diagnose appropriately using DSM, and to use the diagnostic scheme in ways congruent with social work principles and values?

·     how does one sort through differential diagnosis and/or dual diagnosis?

·      how do I understand what is happening in the helping relationship and what can I do to make that relationship the most therapeutic it can be?

·     what therapeutic approaches are most likely to be helpful for a given client or client-system?

·     what is happening in the supervisory relationship that impinges on or enhances my learning and development ("parallel process")?

·      how does one know if they are experiencing “secondary traumatization” or "vicarious traumatization" and how does one deal with it?

·     where best do I focus my efforts in terms of micro, mezzo, or macro change in a given psychosocial environment?

·    what are the interpersonal issues (transference and counter-transference) raised in the beginning, middle, or ending phase of practice with a given client-system and how do you “intervene” while mindful of these issues?

·     what are my own areas of personal growth (e.g. “blind spots,” family of origin issues, roles or patterns, or self-awareness re: values and beliefs) that influence my practice, and how might I facilitate learning in these areas?

·     what are a variety of psychotherapeutic treatment options in a given situation, and what might be the clinical implications of each?

·      how do I conceptualize difficulties in the helping system that impact my client, and what I can do as a professional to help?

·       how am I doing with a particular skill (reframing, paradoxical intention, play therapy, hypnotic suggestion, circular questioning, cognitive restructuring, engaging motivation to change, therapeutic goal development, etc.)?

·      how do I increase/improve my self-awareness in professional practice?

·       how do I engage an individual or family within their unique world view?

·        how do I deal with the way work is impacting my personal life, or visa versa?

·       what helping efforts would be most useful in helping multi-client system sub-systems?

·        what therapeutic approaches best fit my "style" and personality?

·       where is my professional “growing edge” and how does that interface with my personal “growing edge”?

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