Special Applications of SFBT:

Doing "what works" in unique and challenging situations


Solution-building with....

·      children and adolescents

·      couples and families

·      “multi-problem” families

·      in-home family therapy

·      case management

·      those who have experienced trauma

·      involuntary clients

·      those who abuse substances

·      those in crisis

·      those with spiritual issues

·      suicidal clients

·      high risk behaviors

·      those who suffer from grief and loss

·      axis II and other "longer-term" individuals

·      organizational change

·      psychotherapy groups

·      school settings


Neuroscience and Solution-Focused Trauma Informed Care

SFBT in Child Welfare/Child Protective Services


Solution-Focused Supervision, Self-Supervision, Group Supervison & Peer Consultation


Solution Narratives/Narrative Solutions:

  - an integration of these two post-modern, social-constructivist models.


Therapeutic Goal Development:

   -addressing limiting belief systems while negotiating desired outcomes with clients who have difficulties related to an external locus of control


SFBT in Spiritual Settings

·      Pastoral Counseling

·      Pastoral Care

·      Spiritual Development/Direction


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