Intensive Clinical Training Groups

Groups intentionally limited in size for development of advanced clinical skills


What is the focus of your training groups?

I have provided a variety of training groups for both very experienced practitioners as well as those new to the helping professions.  I organize a training group whenever a group requests that I do so, or when enough individuals interested in the same topic contact me to form a group.  Some of training groups I have offered include:


·      Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced

·      Narrative Approach

·      Integration of Solution-Focused, Narrative, and Collaborative Language Systems

·      Solution-Focused Group Therapy

·      Ericksonian Hypnotherapy: Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced

·      Advanced Clinical Use of Self

·      Therapeutic Metaphors

·      Imagery Techniques for Physical and Emotional Healing

·      Spiritually Informed Therapy

·      Supervision: a collaborative, competency based approach

·      Hypnotic Principles and Techniques in "talk" therapy

·      Practical Application of Neuroscience in Psychotherapy

Who can attend these training groups?

My training groups are intended for the helping professional who counsels or facilitates therapeutic conversations with others.  This includes social workers, marriage & family therapists, psychologists, nurses, counselors, psychiatrists, drug & alcohol counselors, case managers, and clergy.  Typically participants will have at least a masters degree in one of the human services, however sometimes exceptions are made.

Training Group Schedules

Depending on the focus of the group, the number of participants, and the wishes of the participants, groups will typically meet from between 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours.  Most of my groups meet once per month, however some choose to meet more frequently.  Also depending on the specific group, we may meet for anywhere from several meetings to a series of meetings spanning a number of years.  Can I get Continuing Education Credit for this training?

I am an approved provider of Social Work Continuing Education by KS-BSRB.  Attendance verification will be provided, which you can use when submitting to the licensing board.

Intensive Training Group Philosophy and Structure

• The size of my training groups are purposefully limited to 15 or less in effort to provide a comfortable, more intimate environment for professional learning and  personal development. 

• I am committed to teaching models that recognize, elicit, and amplify the best in people in terms of their intentions and abilities.  In this regard, collaborative, competency-based, co-constructive and empowerment-oriented approaches are the focus of the trainings I offer.

• My intention is to provide both a well-reasoned conceptual base so that practitioners can be mindful of their clinical choices, as well as practical skills that can be applied immediately.  To these ends, lecture, demonstration, and experiential exercises will be used.

• In addition to facilitating skill development, I strive to promote integration of mind, body and spirit for the professionals who attend my trainings.  I assume that doing so increases our ability to facilitate the same for those we serve.


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